Network Status

Moving our CDN to new servers

CloudProtected: CDN
Under Maintenance

We are laying the groundwork for mitigating our CDN platform to new servers. We are currently running our CDN on a few servers located in different datacenters. These servers have one disk with a fixed size. We have used 15% of this disk space, and we are still growing.

To make sure we do not have issues in the future with growing, we will be moving to the S3 platform, this allows us to scale up to 100+ TB off storage if needed, enough room to grow.

All applications currently post their newly uploaded assets to our current set-up and the new S3 set-up. No data loss or downtime is expected.


We are currently downloading our existing data, and two new Load Balancers/Caching servers are being deployed in different datacenters.


All old data has been uploaded, and our CDN hostnames ( & have been moved to our new S3 load balancers. All our applications will now exclusively post assets to our S3 servers. We will be monitoring our infrastructure closely. No downtime has occurred during the process, and we do not expect any trouble.